Q: Describe the Auto Recruiters (ARs)?
A: The ARs is an Incredible Marketing Tool that contains TWO Seperate Systems. The First is an Advertising Wonder for the Step Up 2 Success (SU2S) program which Includes FREE Leads ($2 ea) Delivered through a special Funnel System that Seperates the serious networkers from the "Tire Kickers" with a Special Sales page and Video! The Prospect is then sent to the members Website and Joins that member or not. If not, that prospect is then placed in a Unique Autoresponder system that Informs that prospect with very Special Video Messages over a 21 -45 Day period....

Q: What is the Second System?
A: The Second AR system is for the Serious Marketer who has Other opportunies they are involved in! The System provides that marketer with up to FIVE (5) Auto -responders and the ability to Create up to 12 messages for each Autoresponder. The marketer can then Broadcast or Advertise to up to Five Opportunities and Lists.

Q: What Lists?
A: The marketer that has the Top or Platinum Level, Receives 400 FREE leads that funnel through the SU2S system and if they remain, become Subscribers. Once these Subscribers have received 3-4 Video Messages, they become Targeted Prospects. These Serious Prospects are Ten Times more valuable than the original lead, because they are still interested and want more.

Q: Where is my List?
A: Those Targeted Prospects become that members Exclusive List! That Valuable List will keep building Every month and can then be used with that members Five Auto Responders. An Auto Rotator is Also included as an added Value.

Q: Why is this List better than the ones offered that are much bigger?
A: Your list has never been used by any other person! The lists that are offered with hundreds, thousands of members have been used over and over again. With Enough Time, your list could grow to giant size and it will be YOURS Exclusively!

Q: How do I Pay for my AR System?
A: Ask your Sponsor to give you their AR link. If you have NO sponsor, Admin can provide you a great leader! Email StepUp2SuccessHelp@gmail.com. Start Building your list today! it's a Must to Success!