Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q:  If I put in $20 how soon will I see earnings?

A. As You want to build Your team. You only need FOUR who Get Four, But as a Team Leader who wants to earn  Fast... You can help by
Advertising and putting in more members

Q. Can I put in my family members?
A. You can, We don't recommend it, because unless they help build, they will Stall your Team Build.

Q.  How can this be a game while you earn at the same time?
A. That's why we are Unique... Having Fun while Earning Great Income!

Q. Can you contact support easy or have to wait on a email?
A. Our Support is the Best and most Responsive. Call or Email Mon -Friday 9-7pm EST. Donna, one of our Support Voluteers, Will help you
right away. We have had many Compliments on how well she helps our members.

Q. Is this for real, I can play a game and earn money too?
A. Absolutely... Register for Free, then Move into Your Sponsor House or Mansion. Purchase Your Banner Ad Credits, (includes Four Houses) and Get YOUR FRIENDS to Move in! Watch How Fast Your Money Grows!

Q. What if I don't have 4 friends to fill my houses?
A. If you belong to the NFL (No Friends Left) Club, We can help... We are building a Community and we Want to make sure the Little Guy who is last, will Not be left behind!

Q. Will this really help me to advertise my business while playing a game?
A. YES! YES YES!That is the Most NEEDED Product any person in an online business MUST have! Advertising at as a Reliable and Effective means of getting New Customers!

Q. What if one of my Friends in my house wants to drop out, what happens my down line?
A. You have the Option of Dropping a non Active House Guest Out! You paid for that House and You are the Landlord. What do ALL Landlords
do when Rent is NOT Paid? OUT in 48hrs or Less!

Q. How many houses do I have to fill before I start earning?
A. Please see the Comp Plan on the Website Menu under EARN $$$ NOW. You can do the math.

Q. How do we get paid and how often?
A. We payout by Paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer from Chase Bank. You pay the fees.
Tell us how you want to be
paid in your back office. If you have a Chase account there are no fees and it is a One to Two day process... depending on your location. Chase is in US only. As far as how often may withdraw your funds as soon as you have $40 in your

Q. Can we help other members on our team? Fill their houses?
A. Yes, if you have too more friends than you need, Give them to your Memebrs... When You help your community, you help yourself...Earn Faster!

Q. What is the advantage of coming in at higher cost?
A. If you want to move faster to get a head of the rest, Go into Level #2 at $40 or Level #3 at $80... Bigger Houses and Fancy Mansions await!

Q. Do I follow my sponsor or can I move above my sponsor?
A. You may move above your sponsor by going to a higher level as stated in the above Question.

Q.Can you join and earn from another country?
A. Yes..No restriction as of this date. Not sure? Email support Under "Contact Us".

Thank You for your questions. If you have any Question, please email support under "Contact Us."