If you like online games for FUN...Then...why not play and get PAID ! Make this game work for you. It's my second day in the program and my houses in LEVEL 1 STEP 1 are occupied....Your Sponsor Invites you in for FREE ,then Get your houses filled and collect your rent!! You are at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. SIGN UP NOW!

I paid it forward by PIF'ing in 3 people. I wrote a Personal Note of encouragement and they responded with "Thank You's" ...Now it is up to them to PIF their 3 people and keep the Team growing by helping people and teaching them how to help others. It is that simple... plus you get advertising to help you along the way. If you have a Home Based Business you can also advertise with your own Banner. A GREAT WIN WIN situation. There are now more ways to make money for yourself and your team added to the system. Does not hurt to check it out and see if it is something for you. Email Support at for any questions that you might have and tell them to contact me. "iamaman" This is So Easy and Awesome! Yea.. PIF Solution!

Hey, This is so easy playing a game and making money too. While helping my team.
We are building fast!

I have been in Sooo many other programs? and they started out good but they stalled. I was burnt out on these programs. Didn't want to look at anything else but.... I took a min and looked at this one because it was put together like a game. Something different. And.... Wow! It's working, it's really working... Yea! My first houses are filled. And I can help my friends make money too.

If you like to play games like I do, this is an awesome way to motivate yourself and be excited about filling up your houses with friends you want to help and then moving up to nicer homes as you go. This really a cool way to make some extra money and I love how inexpensive it is to get involved. Only $21 one time fee to own your 4 houses and then give them out to your friends, who in turn pay it forward for their friends. This is easy simple and fun. The bonus is getting a Free Banner to advertise. So it is all done for you. Buy your houses and have some fun. Debbi